If you’re an injured patient in the middle of a legal battle with an insurance company, workers’ compensation, or disability claim board, you and your attorney will likely need concise narrative opinions from your treating physician. But many physicians don’t have the time to offer this service or the expertise to convey an opinion for medicolegal purposes. 


Some physicians will simply submit your entire medical file but many hearings are just 15 minutes long, and hearing officers or judges are unable to peruse your whole medical record to find the facts that are needed. Unfortunately for you, insurance companies have doctors on staff who will write a concise opinion. If your physician doesn’t provide a well based opinion on your behalf, and the insurance company does, you may lose by default. Without your own narrative injury opinion from your treating physician—one that supports your legitimate legal claims—you’re at risk of losing your legal battle, and the benefits you’re entitled to, simply because you lack an important piece of paper.


InjuryOpinion.com can help. Our site provides a streamlined process for your physician to write your report and submit it to you or your attorney.  Our staff can also confidentially highlight your medical records and interview you to help your physician write an accurate and complete narrative opinion of your opinion. You can use this in your legal battle to protect your rights and get the benefits and care you need. InjuryOpinion.com puts medical professionals on your side, leveling the playing field, and helping you recover—physically and financially—from your injuries.


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