Does my treating Health Care Provider use InjuryOpinion.com? 

It is easy to find out.  If you need an opinion, simply click the “Opinion Request” button and search available reviewers.  If your provider is not listed, use the invite tab on the left to send an invitation.

Does my Attorney use InjuryOpinion.com? 

If your health care provider uses InjuryOpinion, it is easy to also connect to you attorney.  Any request your attorney has faxed your provider will be turned into a digital request that will remind both your provider and your attorney that there is something you need done.  You will be assured nothing is getting lost or misplaced as all communications are securely stored.

What is the advantage of using InjuryOpinion? 

There are advantages to all users of InjuryOpinion.com.  For health care providers, InjuryOpinion offers technology that allows them to complete a request in less than half the time.  For attorneys, InjuryOpinion allows quick and easy communication with providers that would otherwise be very difficult.  For the patient, InjuryOpinion facilitates obtaining the medical opinions you need quickly, automatically reminds the providers and attorneys of the work that needs done, and securely communicates the facts between everyone involved.

Is it secure? 

Yes.  InjuryOpinion is secured by 256 bit encryption, similar to your bank or other online payment systems.  You will note the secure “https:” indicator for all areas of the InjuryOpinion.com domain.

How are payments processed? 

Our payment system is supported by PayPal’s Braintree payment system and major payment methods including bank transfer and credit card payment are supported.  There are plans to add additional payment methods based on customer demand.

Can you help me find someone to help me with my injury? 

Not yet.  InjuryOpinion.com is building a platform for attorneys and health care providers to create an online profile so that you can locate the right people quickly.

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