SIMPLY REQUEST AN OPINION TO SEE THE PRICE YOU WILL PAY.  MANY OPINION REQUESTS ARE FREE OR BASED ON A "PAY WHAT IT IS WORTH" SYSTEM.  Pricing on is set by the individual reviewer.  Pricing is generally based on the complexity and estimated time to complete an opinion request.


A $9 FLAT RATE transaction fee is assessed to all transactions and is included in the cost that is published when a request is made.  The transaction fee is reduced from the amount payable to the reviewer and no additional fee is due to the person(s) requesting the opinion.


Example of Pricing:


"Tom requests an opinion from Dr Smith.  Dr Smith requires $100 to provide a written opinion on the need for Tom's medication. $100 will be charged to Tom's credit card and held in escrow.

Once opinion is complete, it is automatically forwarded to Tom and the money is released from Escrow.  A $9 transaction fee is deducted from Dr Smith's fee so Dr Smith will receive $91 in this example."


Refund Policy:


"Proceeds paid for an opinion or review will be held in escrow and released to the health care professional when opinion is complete.  The quality or opinion result is NOT guaranteed to protect the integrity of the medical opinion.  In general, no refunds are offered on"




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